The Proposal


The Proposal

The ACM needs 2000 square meters of floor space. Within this area we plan to have dedicated  areas dealing with the specific needs of the public.

Current Exhibitions

This will feature 50 cartoons by one cartoonist, or 50 cartoons on a theme by various cartoonists.

 Themed Exhibitions

Anzac Day, Ned Kelly, Prime Ministers, Union and Strikes, War, Sport, Elections, You name it. If cartoons have drawn it, the ACM will hang it.


Housed in a lowlight surrounding, over a million cartoons will be housed for amusement, reference and study use with cross reference to artist, subject and dates.


Live cartoonists, caricaturists and artists will hold educational sessions to demonstrate their art and the fundamentals of gag, political or strip cartoons. Graphic novels is an exciting new area that will also be addressed in this area.


Cartoon collections from around the world will be available as well asproject sheets, souvenirs and greeting cards and originals.


Biographical films, how to lessons and interviews will be showen regularly. These will focus mainly on Australian cartoonists but also on international superstars and upcoming creatives

 iPad Pad

An area of the museum will allow free use of iPads to view and access cartoons via a sponsored wifi connection.


We will hold show and have caricaturists showing their live work, sometimes a panel on the one subject in a show of styles.

 Mobile Exhibitions

The ACM has created a template for mobile exhibitions that can be housed in schools, regional galleries and local libraries.


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