SEO isn’t dead, but it is dying

You’ve performed the keyword research, written thought-provoking content on numerous topics related to your website and even earned a few links in the process, with little more than a trickle of users coming in to show for all of it.

In what some might call a “back to basics” approach, let’s explore the three C’s of digital marketing today content, community and collaboration.

While links (in all their various forms, from directory links to authoritative citations from other websites) likely matter most to search engines (there’s little supporting evidence to show otherwise), it is content that garners those coveted links/citations your website needs to move up the search results.

But that’s not all; if search engines didn’t exist, you would also need a community around the content developed to consume it and a dedication to collaborate with others to make sure your enterprise enjoys the awareness necessary to stay top of mind.

Using these three C’s, you can give up the SEO dream without giving up on your website entirely, because you can circumvent the traditional practice of SEO (and the dastardly regulations implemented and frequently changed by Google and Bing) and still bring traffic to your website.

Content: Enterprises the Web over recognize that content is the most important element of search engine optimization because it is what is consumed by readers.

To make sure that you’re meeting the needs and demands of both website visitors and the search engines, there are some fundamentals to address in every piece of content produced.

If you’re looking for some guidance related to content development and marketing, here it is: create more “evergreen” content.

Evergreen content is content that stands the test of time epic sized resources for example (such as collection of master lists of various software solutions, from SEO to CRM) that can’t and won’t be ignored by your potential audience.

Forums enable users to produce content on your behalf (which relates directly to their own needs), and email provides a measurable way to bring your audience to content published on your site.

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